At least 8,294 Russian soldiers and officers died in Ukraine. “Paper”

Mediazona, BBC Russian Service and a team of volunteers lead list of losses of the Russian army. According to the latest data, 8,294 Russian soldiers and officers have died in Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.

These investigations say that at least 67 people died from St. Petersburg in Ukraine, at least 57 from the Leningrad region.

The journalists found that most of the dead served in the motorized rifle troops and airborne troops – these two types of troops accounted for 34.4% of the total number of losses in the Russian army. The motorized rifle troops lost 1577 people, the airborne troops – 1277. Another 878 people, that is, 10.6% of the losses were volunteers.

“Mediazona” notes that a significant part of the people in the summary, whose type of troops could not be established, also belong to volunteers.

General picture. The Ministry of Defense reported the losses of the Russian army twice: on March 2 and 25. Then the department called the numbers in 498 and 1351 human. On September 21, after Putin announced a “partial” mobilization, Sergei Shoigu announced that the army’s losses were 5937 man killed.

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