Astrologer Vasilisa Volodina complained about the persecution of a fan

The astrologer was under pressure from an inadequate admirer. According to Volodina, he has been pursuing her for a long time, and now he was able to really scare the TV presenter.

Volodina is sure that several factors influence the inappropriate behavior of this person – the depression of the “autumn period”, and the so-called “eclipse corridor”. All this has a very strong effect on the psyche, the TV presenter noted.

“The eclipse corridor is always a time of mental exacerbations where this psyche is, like thin ice,” she professionally explained what was happening. Vasilisa Volodina.

According to the astrologer, a fan has been chasing her for ten years. During eclipses, its activity intensifies. In just one day, he sent her fifty messages, where there were obvious threats to health and life, as well as extortion.

Volodina said that she knew the data of the pursuer. She has already applied to the relevant authorities in order to deal with the situation not at the esoteric level, but in the law enforcement field.

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