As in the “PMC Wagner Center” they want to fight the liberals. “Paper”

Anna Zamaraeva, who is responsible for working with the media and bloggers at PMC Wagner Center (she is also the chairman of the anti-corruption committee at the St. Petersburg regional branch of the LDPR party), said “Paper”that the management of the center considers more than 1 thousand applications.

Zamaraeva also invited others to become residents:

– The first thing to do is to send an application to the site “Wagner Center”. There is an official detailed questionnaire – with the name, description, presentation of the finished project or project idea. Startups, designers, IT technologies, engineering and everything related to the military industry.

According to Zamareva, an expert group gathers in the center to select residents, which “according to the criteria, according to the needs of the army” selects the best projects. These projects, she said, will receive grant support.

“As you can see, we already have support for the media and bloggers: a video studio, computers, legal assistance with registration or lawsuits, promotion of media products,” the employee said.

According to Zamaraeva, the center could even provide a platform for Paper.

— Even if the publication is blocked?

– If foreign agents, then no.

— No, Paper is not a foreign agent. And the word “war” can be written?

– Well, [можно только] special military operation. And you need to be patriotic views. We do not ask anyone to make custom materials. We need what the country needs. You understand what kind of information war is going on now.

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