Arichteva and Matjovsk again in the series Don’t worry about me: Reisr had fun with them!

If someone gave us a ptikorun for every broken flap, when we start laughing only at what we do, we would be able to pay the second ada Don’t worry about me, declared one of the main protagonists in connection with the series Don’t be afraid of me Vclav Matjovsk, who played a self-confident first-timer.

It would be nice to fly together, but Reisr is always a bit grumpy, he joked while taking photos with his serial love Veronika Arichteva, manel Biser A. Arichtev reports the news. The actress portrays a mother of two children who divorces her husband in the company of Luke Pkazkho.

It is a romantic comedy based on the clash of two different worlds and the nature of a young mother in a dream and a self-confident first-year-old who, thanks to his recklessness, passes through one of their divorce walls, to reisr.

We did the whole thing in a real environment, without using a studio. This also has a strong impact on his atmosphere, summed up Arichtev, who knows that Don’t Be Afraid of Me scores points with the girls even thanks to the star-studded cast.

Veronika Arichteva and Vclav Matjovsk played the main roles in the series Don’t worry about me.

In addition to Arichteva and Matjovskho, Roman Vojtek, Ivana Jireov, Patricie Pagov, Sra Rychlkov, Martin Sobotka, Lucie Vondrkov, Jitka Asterov or Michal Kocourek will appear in other roles.

In the flood of criminals who still love, the new shit is kind of revealed. No one knows anything in it, nor will anything be tunnelled. He is quite a master at that, so it can be assumed that O m is not afraid of girls.

Veronika Arichteva played the main role in the series Don’t worry about me.

The main protagonist is very popular with them, thanks to the Ordinac in the garden row, Vyprvj and Prvn republic in the case of Arichteva and Ulica or Love Island, which were or are the home of Matjovskho.

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