Are the pounds going up again? The actor Jan eznek knew the rest on the tower

Hvzda seril Ulice Jan eznek (32) again picked up the tower. Even if he has lost more than fifty kilos through dieting, it is likely that his arms will stick out a little more. Is it possible that he would get back to the original kilograms? The actor told Expres about his dream to be thin.

Actor Jan Eznek, who moderated together with Svtlana Wittovská the 5th year of the Roztanen Theater, again gained a little weight. But it doesn’t change his resolution to get back to his weight. The diet lasts for

It happens that one time you have a lot and then again a lot. It’s probably to lose weight, if I’m involved in it. But when I drink, I don’t think anything of it, because it’s not a big deal, he told Expres Jan.

He tries not to take a healthy lifestyle as something terrible that he should suffer, but certainly not like a diet, he looked at it as something that began to fulfill his dreams of a dream life.

I don’t go to an internal counselor, I’ve learned what to follow and what to avoid. But I take it as a lifestyle that suits me well, added the sympathetic actor with a laugh.

Actor imon Bilina (left) sat on the jury and the evening was hosted by actor Jan eznek.

Don’t even worry that Vnoc would lie. During the time he is in the dog regime, Vli has managed to get enough to eat a piece of meat, but not the whole meat.

He also recommended a colleague from Ulica to his inner advisor Anneka Rusevwho has an unwelcome twenty kilos down and peered through.

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