Arabela about Xnia: Grandpa is dishonest, but she was never drunk, said Jana Nagyov

Who doesn’t love TV’s Arabella. The boys loved the princess and the boys were in love with her representative Jany Nagyov. Even though Seril’s sister Xnie was so beautiful, but evil and repulsive, because of which she sometimes Dda Patrasov (66).

days, there was no rivalry between the actors outside the set. On the contrary, they made their way to each other, and their stupidity has endured to this day, even when they go elsewhere and in a different way. While Jana is living abroad, she got married in Germany, where she lives and has a film career for a long time. Dda became famous and became a darling of the audience.

The roles have reversed. The Slovak diva is back on the rise, but Dda has fallen to the bottom. Because of his constant alcoholism and drunken women, he is in danger and the years in prison, which will not leave Arabela cold.

We are in contact with each other, we will probably choose. I also invited her to the premiere of Mamnok, where I play a queen, but she is currently in the field. I observe his life from afar and take with a grain of salt what he is up to. But what can I say, I would never get behind the wheel drunk, the sympathetic blonde told Expres.

The wreckage of a black Mercedes came to rest against a concrete barrier with a traffic sign.

Dagmar Patrasov

Although she was very different about it, I can still understand the words for Dda. According to us, the actress is not private in her private life, which is why she resorts to alcohol.

We never talked about alcoholism, I don’t even know how to deal with it, I have to tell him the closest. I take those links as soon as he comes out with a lot of reserve. But if someone starts to ask, he’s basically dishonest, what’s wrong with him, and I’m very sorry if that’s the case with Dda, Jana added.

Dagmar Patrasov and Felix Slovek

She figured it out, it can’t work at home with a husband Felix Slovek, who is free at social events, is not very welcome, and that’s why Dda plays. Even so, Nagyov knows that his friend is strong enough to get out of this.

Jana Nagy’s outing was brilliant.

Even though Arabela doesn’t want to remember much about that, they had a lot of fun with the hot sex bomb next to the acting legends.

It was a great analogy, I became famous. But that’s behind me, it’s not like I remember Arabela nostalgically. I fulfilled my promise to be a queen, so I told Jan Buda about the offer for Mamnok, she closed at first, but in the end she wiggled her head.

It must be noted that Arabela does not die. This style is charming, very gentle and will surely be so great as a queen.

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