Anti-emergency work began at Nevsky Manufactory. “Paper”

In St. Petersburg, emergency work began at the Nevsky Manufactory, which was damaged in a fire in April 2021, reported press service of KGIOP.

Details. The work includes two stages. The first includes strengthening the emergency brick walls of the Main Production Building. Specialists will install a structure with buttresses made of metal trusses, which will prevent the walls from collapsing. Farms will be fixed through window openings so as not to damage the brickwork.

By April 2022, studies were completed, during which laser scanning and measurements were carried out, and a 3D model of the building was made for subsequent design. Now specialists have already prepared the foundations for the structure and have begun to install counterforms – their average height is 25 meters.

The head of KGIOP, Sergey Makarov, added that the first stage involves the installation of a temporary roof where internal historical structures have been preserved, as well as closing door and window openings. After that, according to him, the removal of the rubble inside the building will begin and the design of the restoration of the Nevsky Manufactory will continue.

What is known about the project. Gennady Prikhodko, General Director of Nevskaya Manufactory JSC, added that Nikita Yavein’s Studio 44 was involved in the development of the project for preserving the building “in recent years”.

According to Prikhodko, the project considers the historical building of the manufactory as “one of the main decorations of the quarter.” According to the concept, public and business spaces are planned to be recreated on the first floor of the Nevskaya Manufactory using industrial interiors of the 19th century, while living quarters will be located on the upper floors.

Previous owner of the monument promised not to dismantle the burnt building, but to preserve its elements as far as possible.

What you need to knowb. The fire at Nevskaya Manufactory occurred in April 2021. Court obliged owner to restore the burnt building in four years and fined for 1 million rubles. As the KGIOP of St. Petersburg clarified, as a result of the incident, the roof, interfloor ceilings, and partially the front facade of the western building collapsed. Court obliged owner to restore the burnt building and fined for 1 million rubles.

Deeper. Read also, what is known about the causes of the fire in the Nevskaya Manufactory, what problems eyewitnesses spoke about during extinguishing, and why the authorities could not name the exact number of victims.

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