Andrey Knyazev announced the completion of the filming of the series “The King and the Jester”

Several months of filming for a project about a Russian horror punk band has ended, Andrey “Knyaz” Knyazev reported on social networks. Viewers will be able to see the series next year.

In the center of the plot is the formation of the “King and the Jester” team, the difficulties that its members overcame on the way to great fame. He will also talk about the difficult relationships of rockers from an acquaintance in the late 80s to the death of Mikhail “Gorshka” Gorshenyov almost 10 years ago.

The role of Gorshenev was played by Konstantin Plotnikov, and his colleagues Knyazev – Vlad Konoplev.

According to the musician, the artists managed to convey the characters of their characters well. He communicated with Konoplyov to tell him special details about himself. And Plotnikov struck with talent during the casting period.

“… he managed to notice such subtle moments in the Pot that only close friends could see,” Knyazev noted.

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