Andrew Tate in the ring again? The match with Jake Paul is the most likely to fall

Jake Paul is here to forget the history in which he was only a YouTuber and a vlogger. Currently, he is profiled as a boxer and athlete. The fact that he hasn’t lost to anyone so far will help him to strengthen his name in the field of sports. He looks like he could face the controversial Andrew Tate in the ring.

Jake Paul shared a video on his social media where he had a staredown with Tat. He added a caption to the video negotiations (jednn). The video subsequently sparked a lot of speculation about the rescue.

That’s my real warehouse. Then in 2021, Jake offered Paul millions of dollars for having sex with him. At that time, however, the YouTuber and influencer had other opponents in his sights, so he didn’t drink. I don’t think he would go to the ring with either of us. It’s a big risk for him commented Jake Paul on his brother Logan’s combat sports podcast Impaulsive. Tate has said in the past that if he ever gets into the ring, he will be saved according to his rules.

Andrew Tate is a former professional kickboxer. After his sports career, he started offering paid courses where he advised moms on how to date women. Then he moved to social media, where he presented his courses, visions and his luxurious life. In August, he was blocked from major social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. This happened after he was criticized for his misogynistic comments.

Jake Paul is supposed to enter the ring on January 14, 2023, but his replacement has not yet been confirmed.

Andrew Tate in a private jet.

However, the rescue of Jake Paul is also covered by a lot of criticism, especially for the choice of female opponents. In particular, it was an old athlete, much older, he is not an influencer, and athletes from other martial arts are not the box in which the fights took place. This criticism could be repeated in the match with Tate, Tate is ten years older than Paul. He fought as a kickboxer and his last fight was two years ago.

Tate met with Paul’s manager in August, but refused to reveal the content of their conversation. However, Tate has been quite positive about Jake in the past, but he had reservations about his brother Logan. Jake seems to be a guy who is focused on his boxing career and earning his own salary, don’t worry that he might have his YouTube channel blocked. M real career, which takes vn. Logan needs an algorithm to prioritize him and his YouTube channel, otherwise he has nothing. Jake to the truth about what in, but because Logan is a sold out coward, he has no such honor in the first place. Thanks to these words and circumstances, the public already expected a match between Tat and Logan.

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