and they take things in action with the flow: The empty ruler of the time has (not) long passed

When, even on the threshold of the covid-19 pandemic, did they take supermarkets the flour, rice, and vegetables suddenly disappeared from the stream, and many of them laughed and shook their heads in displeasure.

Year after year, the situation repeats itself, even when I am somewhat different. This time everything is changed or once so expensive. For example, a kilo of sugar does not go below 30 kroner even on sale, a cube of butter costs 60 and more, and because a liter of milk costs 14 kroner, the shoplifters will refuse to go to the store.

If you go to the supermarket, you can be sure that what is currently on sale will not be in stock, or you will have to try the last bit. Even if the employees were struggling, they would barely be able to keep up with the pace at which they are going.

And it doesn’t matter if it’s unka, cheese, butter, oil, or you’re talking about toilet paper. The fact that you pay half for the item is much more of an order. The fact is that a premium chicken for 25 crowns is more tempting than the one with 80 percent meat for 40, let alone those for more money.

Zbo in action take the people with the flow of things like never before.

Zbo in action take the people with the flow of things like never before.

A lot more than two people shop at events and it also looks like that. The racks with expensive items are full to bursting, while those with windows are empty. In more exposed places, it’s even surprising when you’ll come across a discounted product at all during the week-long event.

The private signs of individual business codes are very popular.

Private events are in great demand.

Vmavj corruptors have drunk on the fact that in boring and cheap-looking packaging the same blood as in those signs. You can fall in love with the label and focus on the product.

Even those who impatiently spend on food that goes on sale because of a mistake with the use-by date do not suffer shame. On the contrary, there is an increase in the number of those who already have a membership in the discounted goods department, many are not afraid to buy even meat and fish.

The new rules for the purchase of any goods have been re-introduced. We will inform you about how much you can (or can’t) buy on Express in the next link…

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