An observer from St. Petersburg spoke about violations at his site in 2022. Members of the election committee want to sue him for “moral suffering”

Three members of the territorial election commission No. 33 of the Vasileostrovsky district sued on Andrey Seryakov from Petersburg because of his publication in VKontakte. Andrei Seryakov told about this to Paper.

Details. Members of the election commission Sergei Gusev, Nikolai Mironyuk and Dmitry Golov demanded 1.5 million rubles from Andrey Seryakov in compensation for moral damages, as well as the removal of photographs and refutation of the publication.

The plaintiffs stated that Andrey Seryakov’s publication caused them moral suffering and could also damage their reputation.

For example, Sergei Gusev believes that because of the post, his reputation among fellow party members in United Russia could have suffered. The head of the improvement department of the administration of the Vasileostrovsky district, Mironyuk, said that the post could damage his status among colleagues, and lawyer Dmitry Golov believes that he could lose the trust of clients.

What was said in the post of the Petersburger. Andrei Seryakov was an observer during the September municipal by-elections. After voting, he wrote a text describing the violations committed by the precinct election commission No. 116.

For example, according to him, members of the commission organized a home-based vote, but did not inform the observers about it, and also refused to register complaints about it.

Seryakov continues that home-based voting took place at the Naval Academy. Kuznetsov, where almost 400 people voted – they all ticked the boxes for the candidates in the same handwriting. Seryakov writes that he complained about the district election commission to the TEC. Three of its representatives – secretary of the district election commission Nikolai Mironyuk, deputy chairman Sergei Gusev and commission member Dmitry Golov – arrived at the site, but later instructed the election commission not to respond to complaints and continue to work.

In the publication, he first called the commission members crooks, but later changed them to “bad people.”

Big Picture. Andrey Seryakov earlier toldthat PEC No. 116, where more than 400 servicemen took part in the home-based voting, while 81 people turned up at the polling station, multiple violations were suspected. According to him, the ballots were not counted, they were immediately uploaded to the KOIB. In addition, Seryakov notes, it seemed to him that all the ballots from the portable box were marked by two people (there were two types of checkmarks).

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