An epidemiologist with a weakness for theatre: Chantal Poullain got the hell out of him!

Year after year he sowed and gave us Promny! Chantal Poullain (66) became famous for the popular calendar, in which the name of the two of you is known and famous. One of them was the famous doctor, epidemiologist Petr Smejkal (50), who was given an extra nice drink by the hostess!

Who cares, if I have a contract with Blem, or if I have a secret car, I will find the French elixir billion, either way, Chantal Poullain fall under fantastic! It is in stark contrast to the celebrities, they were experienced in Promny 2023 calendar, which the actress along with other celebrities honored with the ceremony.

Chantal got married to a very VIP guest one day, but she got a bit out of the pub. If we pass Anna Polvkovawho belonged to the family, was the chief doctor Petr Smejkal, who became famous as a recognized epidemiologist only during the pandemic.

The actress chatted with him a lot and then they had a lot of fun for a long time, it seemed that Chantal was the main one, while Smejkal listened with interest.

It is surprising to many to see an epidemiologist at the corner of the calendar with the stars of show business. Not those who know him at least a little.

Epidemiologist Petr Smejkal and Chantal Poullain at the corner of the Promny 2023 calendar

Politics, modern history, theater, stand-up comedy, film and literature, these are the terms I have listed in my professional resume.

So I am very close to the cult. When he gets to drink like that and spend the evening in the presence of armant fumes, there is nothing to eat. Then you don’t want to sit at home!

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