Alexey Chadov spoke about personal fears

The actor takes part in the TV show “Fear Factor” as a presenter. Filming is underway in Altai. As part of the show, a variety of people will have to face their fears and overcome them.

The list of participants includes rapper ST and his wife Assol, dancer Dmitry Krasilov (known as “Pukhlyash”), humorist Elena Borshcheva and others. All of them will be divided into pairs for passing tests.

Alexey admitted that he has his favorites among the team, but he refused to name specific names. And as part of the filming, the actor did not talk about this.

During one of the competitions, Chadov himself was hung up at a height of 43 meters. At first he thought that he would be afraid of heights, but the fear never came.

“I have already fought off my own,” the host explained.

As part of this show, Chadov simply cannot have phobias. According to him, he still has his concerns, but they are global.

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