Alexey Chadov: “it seems to me that I got rid of my

Filming of the legendary show “Fear Factor” began in Altai, which will premiere in the new season of STS. The star participants, who were not afraid to face their fears, are supported by host Alexei Chadov.

In the new version of the show, the stars undergo the most difficult tests in pairs in one of the most picturesque regions of the country. In each of the eight issues, the heroes face obstacles against the backdrop of forbidding mountains, steep river rapids, dangerous terrain and incredible landscapes. To win a cash prize that will go to one of the charitable foundations, participants will have to say goodbye to long-standing fears.

Frame from the filming of “Fear Factor”

The leader also passed the strength test Alexey Chadov: “I got one of the most terrible tests – a fall from a 43-meter height. There was no fear, although the elements are closer to me land and water, not air. It just seems to me that I got away with it.”

Frame from the filming of “Fear Factor”

None of the twenty-four tests prepared by the creators for the participants is repeated. The stars will have to conquer turbulent rivers, fall into the icy water of the Altai lakes, overcome fiery obstacles, try cocktails from local insects and go through other most difficult tests.

Photo: STS press service

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