Alexander Oleshko will perform in the ballet without rules “Strauss-Gala”

In brilliant comedy show Popular actor and showman Alexander Oleshko will play the role of the Great Dancer at the Classical Ballet Theatre. The performance will take place on November 15 at the RAMT stage.

Strauss-Gala is a review-parody of ballet competitions: recognizable comical characters of participants in international dance championships and grotesque images of jury members, each of whom pushes his protégé, which means that a big battle of mentors is inevitable! It is not surprising that Alexander Oleshko gladly agreed to join the Strauss-Gala troupe, because he himself is known, among other things, as a parodist, and the theater and film works of the popular actor are distinguished by optimism and humor.

However, the most frivolous ballet of the Kasatkina and Vasilyov Theater, as always, has a very serious approach to the quality of performance. In addition, this performance is a real ballet attraction: the viewer will see an exemplary fouette performed by six ballerinas at once, classical dance in all its severity and splendor, and modernist choreography with its free plastique. But the main thing is that Strauss-Gala is a guarantee of a good mood: the comedy story of rivalry ends with a grand finale with an unbridled celebration of life itself – it’s Strauss!

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