Agta Hanychov on stage, Vmol’s lover and near death. That too was Clash of the Stars

In front of Praska Krlovka, where the Clash of the Stars took place, long queues had been forming since late afternoon, and the first pass took place at seven o’clock. The fans were excited about him and were wondering what he was going to do. It could happen that nothing trumps the field battle between Wheel and Wing, but the opposite was true. The first rescue was the battle between Jiho Janouch, known as MaxGreen and Matoue Kaluba. Why are they compared to Koles and Krill? Their followers call both of them bizarre characters, moreover, their fight was promoted by the organizer as a fight between two people who will receive a disability pension. And their save lasted less than a minute, the fans loved every second.

Unlike the match between Krilo and Koles, where Koleso was the clear favorite, the fans here were quite divided. Moreover, the speed with which the rescue ended was rather surprising. MaxGreen and Kaluba also looked surprised. Both were confused in the cage. They looked at each other like two guys on a stock bike fighting over a seed. But in the end, after a few seconds, the rescue turned to Kaluba’s side, and the fight between the two handicappers was over.

In addition to the main match, many fans were mainly looking for the match of the legendary Snejks, i.e. Pavel Msko. His opponent was Tade Vesel, who is not very popular with the audience. And apparently it was also in Krlovka. Since Veselho’s arrest, they have chanted many derogatory words, such as you fat baby!, they have called him a fat pig, and there were even a few shouts of death from the audience towards Veselho. The whole ride was intensified by the fact that both Snejks and the dog struggled quite a bit due to the inconvenience.

Hanychov and Vmol’s porn actress

Yesterday evening was not only about the fights, it was also about the program. Even from him, the people in the hall expected him to be eye-catching, free-spirited and bizarre. But what nobody expected was Agty Hanychov’s performance. Moderators, models, and lately, Jaromr Soukup’s pet bird. In an interview with instructor Jakub Jro, she revealed that her pet was invited to the rescue by Karlos Vmola.

However, this was not the only mention of the name of Karlos Terminator Vmola. During the break in the middle of the tournament, Rika Fane appeared on stage. Who is it? Lately, his name resonates primarily in connection with Vmola, his supposed lover. At that moment, the fans were quite heated and started beating on the porn actress Fuck you!. Veer degraded it a bit also because among the fans there were a relatively large number of minors. Then the hall started chanting the name of the first Vmoly. It was clear that more than one Clash of the Stars fan would be clamoring for his rescue.

That Clash of the Stars is slowly becoming a phenomenon that attracts a diverse audience from all corners of the country was also confirmed by the messages of people who arrived in Krlovka for the summer break. Some traveled hundreds of kilometers just to arrive in the evening. I also drank from Fulnek, but it was worth the long journey. I really couldn’t pass this up, to one of the astnk. They drank from Ostrava, Havova or even Most near Jablunkov.

Gaps in the organization

Clash of the Stars has a presentation, both in town and on social media, that even professional wrestling organizations would not be ashamed of. Videos, press conference, but also outside before the rescue and climbing. However, according to some residents, the organization in the city was rather weak. Some believed that no one really went anywhere to sit at work. And some people had to be kept busy, some sat down, others had to look for alternatives and some stayed in the alleys. There was a shortage of bar capacity. Long queues, people at the bar who didn’t know how to use the terminal, the stairs were disgusting, when you asked someone where something was, they didn’t know, described one of the employees.

It is clear that even such a small blunder can be forgiven by the organizers. Here, many of them go to the fourth galaveer.

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