Agitation brigade of “Russian Radio” spoke to the mobilized in Kostroma

On November 6, Kostroma hosted a concert by the Russian Radio Propaganda Brigade; Elena Sever, Oskar Kuchera, VladiMir, YurKiss, Andrey Frolov and ROXANA. The artists not only supported the military with their creativity, but also brought humanitarian aid.

The Russian Radio propaganda team is an all-Russian musical patriotic marathon, the purpose of which is to support the military, participants in the special operation. Artists come to military units, to front-line territories to remind the military that they are not alone, and the whole country is with them.

The concert was opened by the performance of the Colonel of the Russian Guard Andrey Frolov. Instrumental music also sounded from the stage – a violinist presented several numbers to the military ROXANA.


The artists, who were part of the Russian Radio Propaganda Brigade, not only performed on stage, but also brought humanitarian aid to the military unit: shoes, shovels, sleeping bags and other things necessary for the soldiers.

“We could not come only with songs and collected what we think might come in handy. And we hope we helped. The audience greeted us very warmly, and it is extremely pleasant. Performing at such concerts, you experience excitement. The guys are going on a very important mission and I want to distract them from their difficult thoughts as much as possible, to remind them that they are waiting for them at home, and the Motherland appreciates them. I am very pleased that so many more artists take part in the propaganda teams of Russian Radio, and we feel like the heirs of the propaganda team of the Great Patriotic War – when the role of artists was also very great, ” YurKiss said.

“On this stage, I premiered Maxim Fadeev’s song “Hear me,” said Elena Sever. – I never thought that, having sufficient experience in performances, I would be so worried! After all, this song is the cry of a woman’s soul with a prayer for her beloved. The grateful audience supported me very warmly. Here you feel that you are giving joy, you are doing something very important and necessary.”

Elena Sever and Oskar Kuchera

“Speaking at such concerts, you feel that your heart shrinks,” shared his emotions Oscar Kuchera. – I want peace, and if you sing in military units, then on holidays. It is very important to hold such concerts as the Russian Radio Propaganda Brigades. The guys should know that we are grateful to them! Supporting them is essential.”

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