After Gregor’s fun in Incognito, Psaovicov’s friend: This time there will be Kalousek too!

It’s such a lovely family business. In fact, you don’t even know that you are not at home in your clothes, but in a television studio, because only your closest and best friends are around you. Poad Incognito with Libor Bouk (41), Jakub Pracha (39) and Ondej Brzobohat (39) is such an idyllic decision. In addition to his partner Daniela Psaovicov (43), not only Hana Gregorov (70) but also Andrea Bezdkov (28) were guests.

After the sleep premiere in May, when Andrea Bezdkov she first discovered and started a team in a cell with Libor Bouk in the Primarch Incognito, in which they also sat Brzobohat over there and Daniela Psaovicov, the model will reappear in the popular order. And for sure there will be a lot to watch, similar to yesterday, when the ghosts were surprised by the presence of a grown-up guest named Radek, who also works as a stripper.

Because he had a nice, beautiful smile and a well-built body, they were on the right track again right away. After a while, Bezdkov gradually got the hang of it, and so she put her head down.

Do you order all the women? And are you only slightly off? Andrea asked at the time. The guest shook his head, which slightly confused Andrea. At that, she rushed to the aid of Daniel, who was in her element.

When I have the policeman to arrest me, he’s not easy to get rid of. That’s tce one, she uttered.

Miroslav Kalousek will also perform in Incognito.

Brzobohat didn’t stand a chance then. yeah cop ah laughed the musician.

Daniel, you and Radek know each other, right?! Bouek was interested.

In the fourth, the fun will be able to go vc. Not only will the (d)funny Bezdkov be missing again, ex-minister of finance Miroslav Kalousek will also arrive!

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