Aesthetics first, then Balinese esotericism! Boudová preaches about meditation and has her figure vacuumed

Nela Boudová (54) has recently earned several infamous comparisons to the queen of esotericism, Helena Houdová, who has infiltrated the area. The actress organizes her own courses in which she teaches women mysticism and meditation. But she probably won’t be 100% devoted to nature, she recently posed with a photo of a beautifying procedure that should help her look her best in a swimsuit in Bali.

“Skin lifting, light legs, scar improvement… I’m here for body shaping,” shocked fans Nela Boudová. The actress advertises an unnamed clinic of aesthetic medicine on social networks, works vigorously on her appearance and has as much suction as possible.

At the same time, this does not go well with the image she has recently built up. She decided to travel to Bali to teach women how to be women, following the example of Helena Houdová. Boudová is not only an actress, she also liked coaching, the path of self-development and mysticism.

Until now, the only thing known about the actress was that she likes to toughen up, but she has recently planned a twelve-day workshop for her fans, where they can get to know the alchemy of everything that makes up a beautiful life.

It is said to be a combination of the rational and mystical world. Boudová is said to teach people to meditate and learn to live in the present in her courses. She will go to Bali in March next year, it is not so surprising that she has already started shaping her figure in the beauty salon.

Zanzibar in winter is alluring. Not even Nela Boudová could resist.

Boudová has also earned the nickname “the new Helena Houdová” from many people, because she decided to preach about self-development in an area in which a model fit for the queen of esotericism has been rampant for some time.

But Boudová herself is said to support more rational procedures than Houdová. People on the Internet even joked that they would go to Bali with the actress just because of the recession. They also remembered how at the beginning of the pandemic she was photographed with a mask in her crotch. According to them, unlike Helena, she must be a dog.

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