Aerodisk transferred software development management from JIRA to Bitrix 24

Aerodisk, a Russian developer and manufacturer of innovative solutions in the field of data storage and virtualization, has completed the transfer of the work of the software development department from the JIRA project management system to the Bitrix 24 business management system, the company said.

The project started in the summer of 2022 as part of a larger company initiative to implement accounting systems and automate business processes of a Russian vendor.

The main incentive for the development department to switch to Bitrix 24 was the termination of Atlassian’s work in the Russian market.

At the same time, there was no abrupt cessation of work, Aerodisk retained access to all JIRA features within the framework of existing licenses. However, at the beginning of the summer, a significant cybersecurity vulnerability was discovered in the solution. By that time, the possibility of updates in Atlassian products in the Russian Federation was disabled.

Other decision-making factors in favor of Bitrix 24 included a high level of integration of the application into the overall ecosystem of corporate software, as well as the ability to independently modify the product to the specifics of tasks and the structure of the business user’s organization.

“The project covered the entire staff of the development department – more than 70 employees in the development, testing and technical support departments. The transition procedure was completed in 3-4 days, since most of the Bitrix 24 functionality is suitable for development tasks out of the box. It took about a week to transfer current projects from JIRA,” comments Dmitry Chirkov, General Director of the Aerodisk Research Center.

Among the disadvantages of the Russian solution, he noted the functionality of chats for developers, which are being replaced by the Rocket Chat product, since it implements more convenient channel creation, inserting code examples and logging records is available.

It was also necessary to separately set up task management tracking through integration with the local GitLab repository in such a way that it was possible to track the direct activities of each specific developer. To preserve the usual work patterns previously available in JIRA, Aerodisk specialists needed to implement these functions on their own.

“Russian software solutions are becoming the standard for organizing the company’s work. We are pleased that one of the most important areas of our activity – the creation of software for the operation of storage systems – is now based on the tool of a domestic vendor: we get more security, technological independence and flexibility in organizing the software development process itself, ”concludes Vyacheslav, General Director of Aerodisk Volodkovich.


Aerodisk is a Russian manufacturer of storage systems and virtualization systems.

The development of Aerodisk data storage systems began in 2011. The leading products and solutions of the company are data storage systems Aerodisk Engine, Aerodisk Vostok, AIST virtualization system and Aerodisk vAIR hyperconverged system.

The Aerodisk software is registered in the register of the domestic software of the Ministry of Digital Development, and the hardware and software systems are in the register of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Currently, the company is also a resident of Skolkovo.

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