Adieu, brave Mildka! Prochzkov experienced a diet in a metallic model

Somewhere, you wouldn’t recognize the star of the series Ulice, where Marika Prochzkov (48) shaped Mildka, who was supposed to captivate Lumra Nykla with her plump shapes! After losing a lot of weight, the actress and actress can afford a lot. Therefore, Pitopila was under the cauldron not only in linen, but also in outfits. The one she put on the Promna 2023 calendar is a clear and also living proof of this.

The likeable actress always had her own style, which was usually impossible to overlook. And because of the combination of colors or layers that have Marika Prochzkov very popular

Serilov Mildka, who was supposed to be the bride of the star of Ulica Lumra Nykla in the wake of Vclav Svoboda, vowed before the ace that she would like to lose some kilos and not stop at empty promises.

After the change, she broke through and before the ace she was also caught by the Expres photographers, who caught Prochzková in the Lucerna passport, they even took the liberty of taking out the clamps. They were hanging in the closet sadly, because their owner didn’t have the courage, or on the contrary, she shared them to celebrate her big rush.

On the catwalk, where she got married the other day with Chantal Poullain and Anna Polvková, she proudly brought out a model in which there were prim metallic pieces, there was not even a separate waist bag. And nramn j all services!

Actress Marika Prochzkov on the corner of the Promna 2023 calendar

Similar to the punch line that the actress bet on. Prochzkov’s teaching seems to have started, the successful transformation has added a spark, and quite possibly even corrected the weakened self-confidence. In addition, it could lead to the corner of the Promny 2023 calendar, which is not at all symbolic considering what has already been achieved.

A similar change occurred in the fall of Ulica star Aneka Rusevov, who lost so much weight in the last year and is known to be a completely different person. She, too, has much more courage to wear outfits that would turn down the two with thanks.

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