Actor Ivan Vyskoil about the sons of death: the day of suicide! It was an execution like in the nineties

Actor Ivan Vyskoil (76) still cannot come to terms with the death of his son Jakub (46). Although the police declared that his death was a suicide, probably due to financial problems, his father did not know. He even talks about murder, which he compared to the executions of the wild nineties. He spoke about what he thinks about it in front of the Expres camera.

Actor Ivan Vyskoil this year, I prayed for my beloved son Jakub. Grief does not leave him, on the contrary, the wounds deepen, because he does not believe the version of the police that his child committed suicide.

He would like to clear the name of Vyskoil junior, because he would not leave his wife here and give birth in this tragic way. It is a day that someone executed a trucking entrepreneur without remorse.

I think it was a lie. There are so many strange twists. The son was an entrepreneur of a million-dollar business, he was longing. That was suicide like in the nineties ekl Vyskoil Expresa.

It looked like the wild 90s, when businessmen attacked like wild dogs and murderers tried to make it look like they took their own lives.

Ivan Vyskoil with his son Jakub

Pensions played a major role in this. But it’s interesting that he didn’t go after those pensions. He had a villa, a business baroque, he lived in Hjovn with his wife and child, mother-in-law and mother-in-law. He was satisfied on his own. I think he got tired of it, added the actor with the fact that he did not want to specify what he was supposed to be feeling.

At the words about Jakub, tears welled up in his eyes and he wanted to change the darkness. It will take a long time to clear his son’s name, that he didn’t leave behind a descendant and a wife of his own free will.

Ivan Vyskoil with his son Jakub

Death in cars by the pond

Jakub Vyskoil was the owner of BusLine, worth half a billion crowns, which is one of the largest private transport companies in the Czech Republic. It was supposed to be covered in the car on May 8, 2022 at the Roudn pond near Milevska.

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