Actor Chantal Poullain in a hug with an unknown man: A walk and then they sailed to his house

After Bolek, the man of his life was his common son Vladimr, who became a dream actor. Maybe someone gave it here. We met Chantall Poulain (66) on a walk with an elegant teenager who was pushing a cork with her child. Vichni then fell in love with you in the house, from him he had a dream.

amazing actress Chantal Poullain she went for a walk with the man, whom she was obviously very happy to see, because she immediately jumped around his neck. After hugging for a while, they probably said something funny because he was a woman Bolka Polvka she allowed the whole bike.

After a while, together with the child in a cork, which was being carried by an unknown gentleman, they went to a large house not far from Kampa Park. He pulled out a bundle of tusks, opened a large metal gate, and the actress followed him inside.

If it was a bird she accidentally met on a walk with her own child or grandchild, or if it was an arranged meeting and a subsequent invitation to the flower, she doesn’t know. As far as we can tell, Chantall hasn’t looked this relaxed, laughing and joyful for a long time. It was as if she had been in the presence of a simple man for a long time and she gave herself a good mood.

They had to talk about it, but she didn’t make a decision and Chantal followed in the footsteps of a good friend. If they were holding hands, he would say that it was a beautiful pr.

He chanted in obt with an unknown man.

Chantal on a walk with an unknown man.

The actress divorced Bolek Polvka twenty years ago. life goes very fast. I was alone with my son for the second time and I had no time to myself at all, she revealed to the TMA magazine.

The actress revealed what her man’s mistakes are. In addition, I lacked the feeling of security I was looking for with the majority of men I met. Or they were just about to have it again. I’m glad when we take over the command, but there must also be consideration. There must always be respect. And I didn’t find that one, she blurted out. Mon has changed, and the right one from his heart.

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