A technopark for waste disposal will be built in the Gatchinsky District. “Paper”

An eco-industrial park will be built in the Gatchina district for the disposal of industrial and agricultural waste, the Kommersant newspaper writes.

Details. 1 billion rubles will be allocated from the federal budget for the creation of an eco-industrial park in the Gatchina district of the Leningrad region for the disposal of industrial and agricultural waste.

It is assumed that the park’s resident enterprises will annually dispose of almost 400 thousand tons of industrial and agricultural waste from the Leningrad, Novgorod, Pskov regions, as well as St. Petersburg and Karelia.

According to Kommersant, the park should start operating as early as 2024, but the publication’s sources claim that a site has not yet been allocated for it.

Design and survey work with obtaining the conclusions of state expertise is planned to be completed before March 1, 2023. Kommersant writes that design and survey work with the receipt of state expert opinions is planned to be completed before March 1, 2023.

It is planned to dispose of up to 252 thousand tons of animal waste, 111 thousand tons of polymer waste, 24 thousand tons of construction waste, 5.3 thousand tons of glass waste, 3.6 thousand tons of oily waste on the territory of the park.

Why is it important. Leningrad region in 2018 entered in the top ten regions with an exhausted landfill resource. The capacities of the Novy Svet – ECO polygon should end in 2022. Nevsky Ecological Operator, the company that is responsible for everything that happens with garbage in St. Petersburg, promised to start building five waste processing complexes, but to date, NEO has begun developing only one project.

The publication “Kommersant” does not specify what method of disposal in question.

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