A team of independent journalists has launched the project “Not Moscow Speaks”. It is dedicated to the life of the regions

Russian journalists have created a telegram channel “Says Nemoskva”, which tells about the events of the regions and the history of their inhabitants. About it “Paper” said the founder of the project, editor-in-chief of the independent Siberian media “TV2” Viktor Muchnik.

“NeMoskva says – these are interesting stories and all the important news from the regions of Russia in one telegram channel. These are stories about a large space, the main value of which is diversity. Beyond the Garden Ring, life does not end – on the contrary, it begins there. wrote the authors of the project in his group in Vkontakte.

Journalists released text about how residents of the village of the Krasnodar Territory protest against the construction of a landfill, as well as told about Kaliningrad sailors who do not want to return to Russia, being afraid to go to war.

You can subscribe to the channel here. The authors of the project created bot — here they ask to send news and stories.

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