A Petersburger was fined for an anti-war inscription on a trash can. “Paper”

The Pushkin Court in St. Petersburg fined Anatoly Yankovsky 30,000 rubles under an article about discrediting the army. A man wrote “No to war” on the railing of a dumpster on November 2. About it reported United press service of the courts of St. Petersburg.

During the meeting, Yankovsky pleaded guilty and stated that he had applied the anti-war inscription due to “strong emotional excitement.” As the man said, he was driving in a car in the village of Shushary in the Pushkin district. On the way, the Petersburger listened to the Business FM radio station, which discussed political news.

Because of the news, Yankovsky got excited, stopped and “decided to express his opinion on the dumpster” – the man had a can of white paint in the car. At the same time, a policeman approached him and detained the Petersburger.

The press service of the courts also noted that the Pushkin court ordered the destruction of the can of white paint used by Yankovsky.

What you need to know. In October, journalists from Radio Liberty drew attention to the fact that over 2.5 thousand people were fined under the article on discrediting the army. By data Judicial Department at the Supreme Court, a total of 85.7 million rubles were recovered from the Russians.

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