A Petersburger made a scandal because of Halloween pumpkins in a supermarket. “Paper”

A resident of St. Petersburg made a scandal after she saw Halloween pumpkins in the Perekrestok supermarket. She accused employees of the Perekrestok store of insulting the feelings of believers. On this drew attention edition of Medialeaks.

What happened. A video from a visitor to the Perekrestok supermarket was circulating on social networks – she complained about a Halloween-themed stand with pumpkins. The woman turned to the store administrator and called Halloween a “holiday” dedicated to “satanic cults.”

The Petersburger also said that painted pumpkins are a violation of the law on insulting the feelings of believers. “It hurts my feelings. We are now at war in the country. Our guys are dying for this? The woman demanded to dismantle the Halloween stand and threatened to write a statement to the police.

How did the ROC react? Vakhtang Kipshidze, Deputy Chairman of the Synodal Department for Relations of the Russian Orthodox Church with Society and the Media, in a conversation with the authors of the radio station “Moscow Speaks” toldthat pumpkins do not offend the feelings of believers.

However, the priest added: the actions of a resident of St. Petersburg prove that “an alien holiday has completely exhausted itself.” According to him, holidays that “are not based on any values” of the people have no future in the country.

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