A mobilized person with a child with a disability was allowed to go home. “Paper”

A drafted Petersburger caring for a child with a disability was returned home. On this drew attention edition MR7. Lawyer Nikita Sorokin, who helped the family of the mobilized, confirmed “Paper” that the man was released from the unit.

As the man was called. The man was handed the summons in mid-October at work. He decided to go to the military commissariat of the Vyborgsky district and explain that he should not be drafted, since he has a child with a disability. However, they did not listen to him there and sent him to a military unit in Gorelovo, he said. “Paper” lawyer Nikita Sorokin.

“A man has a child with a serious disability – he cannot be left alone. Parents take turns watching and caring for the child. Without a husband, the wife would not have coped, ”shared with “Paper” Sorokin.

How did the relatives of the mobilized react? After the man was sent to the unit, his wife sent a complaint to the Vyborg military registration and enlistment office. Human rights activist Nikita Sorokin advised the family to also write to the unit commander and the prosecutor’s office. However, this was not required, as a few days later the man was returned home.

According to Sorokin, the military registration and enlistment office quickly changed its decision due to the active discussion of the issue of granting a deferment to fathers of children with disabilities.

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