A father with many children with hearing problems is sent to war. “Paper”

43-year-old Alexander Uglov is ready to be sent to war in Ukraine on November 9, despite problems with hearing and vision, as well as the presence of three children. About with reference to a friend of the Petersburger’s family, Maria writes “Fountain”.

When Uglov was called. On September 23, a man came to the military enlistment office of the Frunzensky district “to clarify military credentials.” There he was handed a new summons for mobilization.

According to Fontanka, Uglov was sent to a military unit in the village of Privetninskoye. Neither the military registration and enlistment office, nor the unit gave him the opportunity to undergo a medical examination.

What health problems does the man have? According to family friend Maria Uglov, Alexander was diagnosed with progressive hearing loss and reduced vision.

“Without glasses, he is poorly oriented, everything is blurry, there is no clarity, he does not see people’s faces at all. The main thing is hearing, it is greatly reduced, Alexander hardly communicates, he asks all the time for the command of the commander in the unit, ”- transmits the words of the woman “Fontanka”.

A week after arriving at the Uglov unit, he fell ill – he had a fever. After that, the man was sent to hospital 442 on Sadovaya Street. There, the doctors conducted an examination, but found no hearing loss. In conclusion, the ENT indicated that Uglov was of limited use.

“According to the words of the higher authorities, on November 9, like many mobilized people, he will have to go to the NVO zone,” Maria told Fontanka.

In addition, the man has three children. The eldest daughter is 18 years old, but she studies on a budget and is dependent on her parents.

How relatives are trying to return Uglov. According to Maria, the relatives wrote a statement to the Military Prosecutor’s Office of the St. Petersburg garrison. Also, a complaint was sent to the governor of the city and to the district military registration and enlistment office. Now Alexander’s wife is preparing a lawsuit.

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