A draft law on the suspension of conscript cases was submitted to the State Duma. “Paper”

Senators and deputies from United Russia proposed to suspend judicial and enforcement proceedings against those mobilized as soon as “they were called on the agenda or signed up for the front as volunteers.” Bill published in the database of documents of the State Duma.

By words one of the authors of the initiative, Andrei Turchak, a lot of time can pass between being called up and getting to the front, but a person mobilized at that time will no longer be able to deal with proceedings.

“The current legislation does not protect the procedural rights of mobilized and volunteers until the moment they find themselves in a combat zone,” wrote official in his telegram channel.

In the State Duma clarifiedthat if the law is adopted, the suspension of proceedings will not apply to cases related to the payment of alimony or compensation for damage in connection with the death of the breadwinner.

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