A case of “fake news” was opened against the St. Petersburg political scientist. “Paper”

The Investigative Committee of the Kalininsky District opened a criminal case on “fakes” about the Russian army against political scientist and member of the political council of the Solidarity movement Yevgeny Bestuzhev. About it informed human rights project “OVD-Info”.

An acquaintance of the 62-year-old Petersburger told OVD-Info that the political scientist’s apartment was searched on October 25. The man was later arrested as a suspect. The security forces also confiscated Bestuzhev’s computer, a friend of Solidarity member Georg Gabrielyan told the authors of

According to Gabrielyan, in the summer the political scientist “was called to talk with the investigator about his posts in social networks.” After that, Bestuzhev left for Georgia “just to relax.” In October, a member of the Solidarity movement returned to St. Petersburg and was detained five days later.

What exactly Bestuzhev is accused of is still unknown. However, the authors of Radio Liberty noticedthat his VKontakte page contains posts critical of the Russian authorities. For example, a political scientist accused Putin of “starting a war.”

What you need to know. This is the tenth “fake case” filed in St. Petersburg. Previously “Paper” told about other defendants in similar cases.

The following were also accused of spreading “fakes” about the Russian army:

  • Artist Sasha Skochilenko.
  • RusNews journalist Maria Ponomarenko.
  • Journalist Alexander Nevzorov.
  • Activist Olga Smirnova.
  • Manager Victoria Petrova.
  • Activist Boris Romanov.
  • Former priest John Kurmoyarov
  • Treasure hunter Oleg Belousov.
  • Directed by Vsevolod Korolev.
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