A boy with a stone destroyed the stage in the VIP lounge: He fought with a bird, then it flew through the air

At first glance, he acts like a strange young man who does not hide his homosexual orientation, and everyone remembers him as a funny guy from the show Yes, Fe!, who played with a stone. Just from Ondra Untermiller’s Kluk s stone, the club is under fire! At the Clash of the Stars gala, he tried to save his life, rd would beat up his Shopaholic partner. Shortly afterwards, pmo had a party with another influencer in the VIP lounge! met Kluk with a mole stone shortly after the gala gala in the lounge for VIP guests, where there was a banquet and beer, wine, and punks were poured.

Even though he was an alcoholic and stuck with water, this time Ondej was in the river. In the interview, she talked several times about the fact that he would have a hard time in the cage with the tiktoker’s dog Shopaholicadel Fregamer.

It could be quite the main rescue. What to give him? Well, I’m going to break his mouth and grind out the last teeth that I have in my mouth. Because you can see that I have them for the last, said the uncompromising Boy with the Stone, not even Conor McGregor would be ashamed of his trash-talk.

How do I see it? So win within twenty seconds. take it for granted he clarified.

But that was not all. Ondra liked him so much, he even went on a date with influencer Matty Gamba, only during the interview he stood up and put on a shirt.


Their relationship is obviously very intense. Just a few moments later, the two of them got into each other in the VIP lounge and started to fight. And even when the idiots dared, the fight was so sharp that plates and glasshouses flew to the ground!

To talk to the Boy with the stone, go into the water line. You can play the battle between the two influencers.

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