A bas-relief with Mephistopheles will be restored in St. Petersburg. “Paper”

In St. Petersburg, the destroyed bas-relief with Mephistopheles will be restored. About it informs the press service of the housing committee with reference to the capital repairs fund.

The Fund for the Overhaul of Residential Buildings has begun designing the renovation of the facade of the Lishnevsky apartment building on Lakhtinskaya Street, 24. The list of works also included the restoration of the bas-relief with Mephistopheles, knocked down by vandals in the summer of 2015.

Based on the preserved fragments, the restorers will make a preliminary model of the bas-relief, after which they will prepare a plaster mold. According to it, Mephistopheles will be cast to return to its original place. At the final stage, the bas-relief will be primed and painted.

They intend to spend 1.5 million rubles on design work, and 13.5 million rubles will be allocated for the repair itself. The overhaul fund promises a “detailed resemblance” of the new figure to the original.

The building on Lakhtinskaya in 1910-1911 was created by the architect Alexander Lishnevsky, and the bas-relief itself, according to one version, depicts Fyodor Chaliapin in the form of Mephistopheles.

Mephistopheles was shot down in 2015. Some townspeople associated the incident with the fact that a church was being built opposite the house, because of which the stucco molding could allegedly be damaged for religious reasons. It was excited a criminal case on the destruction or damage of cultural heritage objects included in the unified state register of cultural heritage objects, but no one was brought to justice.

Wreckage of the original in February 2022 handed over in VOOPIK.

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