A 75-year-old Petersburg woman sends donations to wounded soldiers. “Paper”

Edition “Fontanka” told the story of 75-year-old Petersburger Tatyana Mikhailovna, who has regularly sent donations to wounded soldiers since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Immediately after February 24, she turned to the Red Cross and, according to her, donated 1,200 rubles for food and medicine.

According to Fontanka, a Petersburger contacted the editorial office after one of the publications, and asked to be connected with volunteers who help wounded Russian soldiers in hospitals. Tatyana Mikhailovna told reporters that she donates money from her pension in the amount of 32 thousand rubles a month.

Now Tatyana Mikhailovna sends up to one and a half thousand rubles a month through the charitable foundation of the Popular Front “Everything for Victory”. In the summer, she also bought things necessary for the military of Donbass and brought them to collection points.

Tatyana Mikhailovna


– If trouble comes, then it means that you need to help. It’s so natural, help should be, and it is needed. We were not ready for this, we need to save the situation if we, of course, want to win.

What is known about the Petersburger. Until January 2022, writes Fontanka, Tatyana Mikhailovna taught Russian as a foreign language at St Petersburg University and received a pension of 25,000 rubles; by November, the pension had grown to 32,000 rubles. She is a native Petersburger, her mother survived the blockade, and her father fought on the Leningrad front.

Tatyana Mikhailovna graduated from St. Petersburg State University, but could not work there – she did not join the party. Later she worked at the Herzen University, a private university and technical universities, after which she returned to St. Petersburg State University.

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