318 thousand people were mobilized in Russia. “Paper”

318,000 people have been mobilized in Russia, of which 49,000 are already “performing combat missions,” Vladimir Putin said during a conversation with members of youth volunteer organizations in Moscow, his words transmits “TASS”.

According to Putin, the number of those mobilized exceeded the promised mark of 300 thousand, since the flow of volunteers did not stop after the end of “partial mobilization.”

Putin added that Mariupol is an “ancient Russian city” and called for the evacuation of the residents of Kherson.

What’s wrong with Putin’s statement. November 1 Sergei Shoigu declaredthat 300,000 men were called up in Russia, 87,000 of whom were “sent to the combat areas in Ukraine.”

Research “Mediazona” claimsthat in 75 regions of Russia at least 431 thousand people were mobilized, in St. Petersburg – about 7.8 thousand.

General picture. On October 28, Sergei Shoigu reported to Putin on the completion of “partial mobilization” in Russia. The authorities later announced that the president would not sign a separate decree to complete the mobilization because it was not needed. The Kremlin promised that a new wave.

Lawyer Pavel Chikov notes that the decree to stop the mobilization will deprive the authorities of the opportunity to start a new wave without a new decree.

Vladimir Putin signed decree on “partial mobilization” on 21 September. One of the points was hidden in the decree. Meduza’s sources reported that, according to this clause, up to 1.2 million people could be mobilized in Russia.

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