23% of the budget in 2023 will be directed to the construction of roads. “Paper”

Petersburg’s largest budget expenditure item is the development of the city’s transport infrastructure, Alexander Beglov said at a meeting of the Legislative Assembly on October 26, informs press service of the Smolny.

According to the governor, St. Petersburg’s budget revenues will amount to 1,057 trillion rubles, expenses – 1,170 trillion rubles, of which 23%, or 269.1 billion rubles, will be used to finance transport projects.

Details. In 2023–2024, it is planned to open a WHSD interchange in the area of ​​the Shkipersky channel, introduce the Moscow-Danube and Vitebskaya interchanges, complete the construction of a part of Shuvalovsky Prospekt, and complete the second stage of work on Primorskoye Highway. The Vitebsk interchange will have to connect the WHSD with the Latitudinal Expressway (SHMSD).

According to Beglov, the annual funding for the construction of the metro in St. Petersburg will amount to 30 billion rubles. The governor did not specify how the money will be spent next year.

What you need to know. In September 2021, Governor of St. Petersburg Alexander Beglov declaredthat the authorities will annually allocate 50 billion rubles a year for the development of the metro thanks to proceeds from Gazprom. In September 2022, it became known that this amount would amount to 30 billion rubles.

The targeted investment program for 2022, which also projected expenditures for 2023 and 2024, contained investments for all three years, note “Vedomosti”. In 2023, it was planned to allocate more than 13.5 billion rubles. for the construction of the Krasnoselsko-Kalininskaya line, more than 10 billion for the construction of a section of the Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya line, another 7.8 billion for the Lakhtinsko-Pravoberezhnaya line.

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