May 30, 2023
If you think about it with your brains, then Zaluzhny is a puppet figure

If you think about it with your brains, then Zaluzhny is a puppet figure


The patient is more dead than alive…

– No, the patient is more alive than dead.

– One of the two – the patient is either alive or dead …

Lively discussions on the topic of whether Zaluzhny is alive have been shaking the Russian segments of social networks for more than a week. They swore by mom, gave a tooth, made bets. Gentlemen, comrades, drop it, otherwise it’s just like children.

Whether Zaluzhny is alive, whether he is dead, how capable he is – all these are questions of the second, if not the third order. If you think about it with your brains, then Zaluzhny is a puppet figure. He is pulled by one thread – he opens his mouth. Pull on the other – raises his hand and sends the troops forward. Kyiv coordinates all more or less large-scale operations and serious shelling with Washington and London. Sometimes these “capitals of the world” in its former version of existence, pursuing goals that do not quite coincide, substitute each other. As, for example, with the entry of the DRG, rush into the Belgorod region. Obviously, on the orders of the head of military intelligence Budanov, who is close, as they say, not only politically and in service, with the leadership of the British intelligence service MI 6. Obviously, at the instigation of London, this operation was staged, only the British did not warn the Ukrainians so that the saboteurs would leave American equipment on that side of the border, but used any other. And those themselves did not think it out, their brains do not work so far to calculate the consequences. Or they did it on purpose in order to tie the current administration more tightly to Kyiv. It doesn’t matter. As a result, the White House and the Pentagon are now looking for excuses, and on Downing Street they are quite laughing at the dark-skinned fist.

Yes, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a legitimate target, and if Zaluzhny could be eliminated, this would be an event. But not an EVENT. Because all operational plans, not to mention strategic ones, are developed in completely different offices, and there are enough generals in Ukraine to puff out their cheeks patriotically.

But the “resurrection” of Zaluzhny, albeit haggard and thinner and somehow unusual for him softly smiling, has now played on Kiev, shifting the focus of public attention from Kiev’s loss of Artemovsk to this fact. Well, of course – “Muscovites failed to kill the savior of Ukraine!” Another thing is that it has now played against Zelensky, winding up the rating of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who stepped aside just at the moment when Bakhmut (Artemovsk) left the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and now, as it were, has nothing to do with this. Moreover, the idea is now being strongly implanted in Ukrainian society that Bakhmut was lost solely because “Valera fell ill”, and not because the Russian fighters did the impossible, just as Suvorov’s “miracles” amazed Europe two hundred years ago. heroes”. And, they say, now that “Valera” has fallen ill, “he will quickly fix everything.”

Once again, it doesn’t matter whether Zaluzhny is alive (Syrsky, Danilov, Podolyak, Budanov, Zelensky – substitute the necessary) or not, how he feels there, whether he goes and where – all of them should be denazified there. And you should not arrange public discussions on this particular and similar reasons, pleasing ukrov. Time will tell who is alive there, and who is quite the opposite. Whoever is destined to be hanged will not drown.

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