June 1, 2023

The PSOE candidate for the Aljaraque City Hall, Yolanda Rubio, has chosen the Plaza Rutherford de Corrales to close her campaign, where she has held an act in which she has made clear the feeling of her electoral program to develop in the next four years. Her greatest desire is to “create identity” among the five population centers, Aljaraque, Corrales, La Dehesa Golf, Bellavista and Monacilla.

It intends to stop using the name of dormitory city so that “we are considered as what we are, a great city within the province, with its own identity, with its history and customs, with its way of living and understanding reality and progress, with its economy and desire to grow up”.

This is how the candidate has expressed herself, who was already mayor of the municipality and wants to be so again because “I have a project, I want to, I have ideas and I go with a valid, professional team, willing to work, made up of wonderful people, women and men honest people of all ages to develop a project for all ages”.

As he has assured, the elderly need us, to whom the Pensioner’s Home has been closed and I will reopen it and create spaces so that our elders feel comfortable and can exchange their experiences and develop activities that they want, to spend the days fully”.

Also “young people need us, who do not have their own spaces to expand and share their moments of leisure, study, culture, sports and fun.” For this reason, Yolanda Rubio has planned to create a Youth House “with functional autonomy, to encourage the political and social participation of the youth of Aljara”. In addition, she will elaborate a comprehensive plan for the youth of the five nuclei and will reactivate the figure of the street educator.

The great project to achieve this union and joint development of the five nuclei is the construction of a great boulevard that unites them. For this, he has devised a large avenue, which will become the A-492 road when the Junta de Andalucía makes the unfolding.

Yolanda Rubio wants to unite nuclei

In this way, Yolanda Rubio will unite Corrales -which is the first nucleus as the route of this highway begins- with La Monacilla, La Dehesa Golf and Bellavista with Aljaraque. This “great avenue will have its terraces, restaurants and shops, places of leisure and recreation, parks, viewpoints, open-air exhibitions, bike lanes and walkways…, all within or shared with a natural space where Nature will do its work. rest”.

In addition to this aspect “that will beautify and enhance Aljaraque with hints of modernization and avant-garde”, Yolanda Rubio wants her town to be “a benchmark in job creation, with projects that create jobs, with the definitive boost to the Park Scientific and Technological, to also develop socially and economically and give real job opportunities to our entrepreneurs, those who need a place to work and those who need the initial push to create their company. We will be here to advise, help and encourage”.

The candidate to recover this important Mayor’s Office for the PSOE has highlighted and insisted on how important it is that the inhabitants “feel of Alajaraque because it is the only way to move forward, modernize ourselves as the great city that we are the people who live in all these nuclei sits down from Aljaraque to advance, modernize and advance as a city”.

Yolanda Rubio is convinced, because it is what she says she has perceived in these years and in these days of the campaign, that “people want change, they want the Socialist Party to look after those who need it most, for the elderly, the young and for the families that are having the worst time right now. So we ask for your support this Sunday, the vote for the Socialist Party, the only one capable of making us a city with its own identity and character, with its own projects and with its local autonomy”.

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