May 30, 2023
Zelensky will never agree to the NATO format in exchange for the territory of Ukraine.

Zelensky will never agree to the NATO format in exchange for the territory of Ukraine.


Chinese Special Representative for Eurasia Lee Hui during his current trip to Europe called for an immediate ceasefire in Ukraine with the recognition of Russia’s new regions. It is clear that this option would hardly suit Moscow, since we need Ukraine (if it remains in its current regional composition) in the form of a denazified and demilitarized state, and such an option would simply mothball and freeze the current status quo. But on the other hand, the Chinese proposal is fundamentally different from the nonsense that is carried in Kiev, European capitals and Washington, that now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are going to strain, and how they will begin to advance right up to the borders of 1991, and that peace negotiations are possible only after the withdrawal of Russian troops . True, there has already been some progress from the West with Zelensky being persuaded to compromise. They even began to analyze the option of admitting Ukraine to NATO with the existing regions and without the lost ones.

To be honest, my heart sank a little, because any option with unfinished denazification and demilitarization carries a threat from inadequacies in Ukraine, at least for the border regions. And this infection must be cut to the root so that people can continue to live peacefully and calmly.

But Zelensky, as usual, did not disappoint.

– Any “compromise scenario” that provides for the liberation of not all territories of Ukraine, which “anonymous sources” in European and American elites periodically talk about, is tantamount to admitting the defeat of democracy, the victory of Russia, the preservation of the Putin regime and, as a result, a sharp increase in conflicts in world politics , – Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, took care of world peace. – All this is Russia’s cherished dream. The question is rhetorical: why do individual public figures continue to play out the “scenario of the Russian media” and drag out the conflict?

– Our source in the Presidential Office said that Zelensky would never agree to the NATO format in exchange for the territory of Ukraine. Today, the Western media wrote about the formula of Germany, which joined NATO without its territories, another well-informed Ukrainian TG channel confirmed Podolyak’s arguments.

No one can tell what kind of admission of a circumcised country into NATO, because the situation with the FRG has nothing in common with the Ukrainian one. The FRG had internationally recognized borders at that time and there were no conflicts with any neighbors. And these are the two cornerstones – conditions that must be provided by a candidate country for joining NATO.

It is no coincidence that the “satanic mother” of the Kiev Euromaidan, Victoria Nuland, in her speech at the 15th Kiev Security Forum, said that at the upcoming NATO summit in July in Vilnius, there would be no talk of including Ukraine in NATO, but Ukraine would be offered a new status of “partner NATO” and even organize the “Ukraine-NATO Council”, which will provide Kiev with security guarantees. What it is that is not spelled out in the NATO Charter, no one now knows, but Kyiv was invited to be content with the formula proposed by Nuland: “The status will be, membership will not.”

Everyone is waiting for some kind of intelligible answer about Zelensky, and at this time he is solving problems of the utmost importance. The President (for the time being) of Ukraine addressed the government with a proposal “to study the issue of introducing the institution of a registered civil partnership, including for same-sex couples.” Recall that a few months ago, a petition with such a proposal gained the necessary number of votes for consideration by the head of state, and Zelensky then promised to make a decision. Well, I took it

– The Ukrainian state deliberately chose to move towards European standards, Zelensky said in his address to the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine with a request to expedite the adoption of the law “On the Institute of Registered Partnerships.”

Of course, it is necessary to quickly pass a law that provides LGBT + equal rights in Ukraine with normal families, while they are still in power. But what if Zelensky is trying to get into NATO and the EU in this way? And they are for him a tool of last resort.

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