May 30, 2023
With representatives of the association "Business Russia" Vladimir Putin met in the Catherine's Hall of the Kremlin.

Vladimir Putin met with representatives of the Delovaya Rossiya association in the Catherine’s Hall of the Kremlin.


Delovaya Rossiya is an association of non-primary business. Vladimir Putin met with representatives of the association in the Catherine’s Hall of the Kremlin. But many more people participated in video communication.

The head of state made an unusually friendly opening speech. The President directly admitted that the preservation of the economy after the introduction of nuclear sanctions is the merit of entrepreneurs.

– Chains are being restored, work is underway. Marvelous. Even for me,” Vladimir Vladimirovich noted, talking about the growth of the economy and industrial production.

– But if this caste – the entrepreneurial community – had not been created in recent years, the result would probably have been different. In a planned economy, it seems to me, it would be almost impossible to achieve a result, – he added.

The Russian leader recalled that the current business had to literally survive in fierce competition with Western companies.

– In the early 90s, our market was, in fact, given to foreigners, including transnational companies. And of course, Russian entrepreneurs practically could not compete with them. It’s time to take back your positions. And domestic companies are confidently using this opportunity,” Putin said.

He added that our companies will not focus only on the domestic market. Before us are the growing markets of Asia, Africa and South America. The conflict in Ukraine only pushed businesses to look for new regions to work.

– Entrepreneurs take on a huge responsibility for enterprises, labor collectives, for cities and towns where business is conducted. You are engaged in improving the well-being of millions of people,” Putin acknowledged the systemic role of business in the country.

The President assured the merchants that their complaints and suggestions would not go unanswered. He immediately recalled that the authorities abolished criminal liability for non-payment of taxes if the business itself returned all the arrears. Plus, the term has long been reduced for tax crimes.

“We discussed this in February, and in March the federal laws were signed and entered into force,” the president said.

In the end, Vladimir Vladimirovich expressed confidence that everything would be fine.

– Everyone has a future. Only it is different. Here is the key question. I am sure that Russia has a good future.

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