May 30, 2023
The movement of Russian nuclear weapons to Belarus has begun

The movement of Russian nuclear weapons to Belarus has begun

Photo: Alexey BULATOV

In May 2023, the situation in the NVO zone and around Ukraine as a whole changed fundamentally. After we took ArtemovskUkrainian attacks on Belgorodtantrum at the summit G-7 in Hiroshima and accommodation solutions nuclear weapons in the west of the Union State, the configuration of the conflict and the way out of it acquired other features.

We talked about it on Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with the director of the Center for Military-Political Research, professor at MGIMO Alexey Podberezkin.


– Lukashenka said that the transfer of Russian nuclear weapons to Belarus has begun – how does this change the situation?

– Nothing out of the ordinary. The same US tactical nuclear weapons are deployed in at least six European NATO member countries.

– And nothing?

– And nothing. It is under the control of the United States on the territory of these states. The deployment of our tactical nuclear weapons follows their pattern.

– That is – a response to “logistics”?

– Yes. And it is under the control of our Ministry of Defense, the 12th directorate – nuclear. There can be no surprises – from the point of view of strategic stability.


– And in terms of our response to real actions?

– We take into account the increased tension in connection with the intensification of the military activities of the NATO states. This includes the storage of weapons and military exercises. The latest in time – using more than 200 NATO strike aircraft.

– Is this the main force of NATO today?

– For the conduct of hostilities in Europe – yes. And such exercises increase the tension.

– Is Poland the most active in these processes?

– Poland and Korean tanks are buying rapidly, and other heavy equipment. Warsaw is sharply increasing the size of its armed forces. This increases NATO’s potential in the region near the borders of the Union State.

– Our response?

– The concept of non-admission to the security zone suggests that we must control the situation at a distance of 500 kilometers from the border with Belarus.

– The West knows this – and is afraid?

– They know that if you gather enough forces to attempt to deliver a concentrated strike on the territory of Belarus, for example, from Poland, then a harsh response to these forces with tactical nuclear weapons is possible.


– What role does Ukraine play here?

– There is a political crisis. Zelensky wanders around different countries. A muddy situation with Zaluzhny, with top management. We continue massive strikes. We are destroying the infrastructure and the remaining military production. Ukraine has already sat on the full cost of the States and the EU. She cannot provide for herself. Not to mention military supplies. Ukraine is like a half-corpse. She lives on a ventilator and on nutrients that are attached to her by tubes.

– But the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to receive this replenishment?

– What does not save. Their first army, professionally trained 215-220 thousand people, were destroyed by September 2022. The second set was destroyed by November-December. Now with Artemovsk-Bakhmut, the destruction of the third set is almost over.

How big are their losses?

– We are talking about 20-30 brigades that have lost their combat capability. Near Artemovsk alone, this is at least 50,000 dead and 70,000 medical or non-combat losses.

– What is Ukraine capable of now?

– Put 150-200 thousand people. Of these, 50 thousand are actually combat-ready.

Ukraine's resources are undermined.  Many warehouses have been destroyed.  Infrastructure destroyed

Ukraine’s resources are undermined. Many warehouses have been destroyed. Infrastructure destroyed



Why don’t they launch a counteroffensive?

– Resources are undermined. Many warehouses have been destroyed. The infrastructure is destroyed. The rest of the equipment needs to be repaired.

– Aviation?

– They had about 25 Su-24 front-line bombers. 15 were destroyed by our air defense and fighter aircraft. Anglo-French Storm Shadow missiles are good missiles. But their carrier is the Su-24. And the Armed Forces of Ukraine can put up, at best, two or three aircraft in one run.

– That is, Kyiv really lacks equipment?

– Not enough ammo. Scraping out the remnants. There are rumors that Seoul has begun deliveries to Kyiv through the United States. Israel seems to have cleared everything. Of all the Soviet weapons on the territory of Ukraine, and there were 160 divisions, only the S-300 – half was destroyed. And everything has been cleared from the warehouses of Eastern European countries.

– But the West pumps weapons to the East?

– Artillery systems number in the tens, not hundreds – both in France and in the UK. Well, there were no huge stocks of artillery pieces, trunks! Barrels must be changed after two thousand shots. There is a concept – exhaustible reserves.

– What do we have?

– Our defense industry is rapidly recovering. And on the other side, everything collapses. Technology wears out. And they have fewer repair factories. A third of tanks and artillery systems are in need of constant repair.


– How serious is the crisis in Ukraine?

– There are two of them. A crisis that speaks of a possible rapid breakdown of the political system in Ukraine. She shamelessly pulls all the veins from the Ukrainian people. This system is geared towards leaders living out their days in villas in Latin America. She is out of touch with reality. Another crisis is in the USA. He feeds the system.

– Explain?

– In the States, a narrow group of the ruling elite rested. She really wants to defeat Russia. This narrow group does not enjoy the support of the majority of the ruling elite.

– Isn’t this a conflict too far for the Americans?

He didn’t matter much in their lives. But began to gain importance as financial difficulties grew. For Ukraine itself, this situation is becoming increasingly difficult. I’m not sure that in a month or two there will be such stubborn people as Nuland who will be able to actively lobby for Ukraine’s interests in Washington and help her.


– What does the fuss about the “resurrection” of Zalugny mean?

– I do not think it is fundamentally important. There will be no Zaluzhny – there will be someone else. School is one. The problem of their resistance is largely due to the fact that Russians are fighting against Russians, Soviets against Soviets. Sometimes Ukrainians are present at negotiations on our side, and Russians on the other side. Both of them studied at the same school.

There will be no Zaluzhny - there will be someone else

There will be no Zaluzhny – there will be someone else


– Why don’t we start our offensive?

– Both in politics and in the military field, we act carefully. We do not take radical hasty steps. Time works for us. The officers have become better, the soldiers. We have learned many things. Prepared a very combat-ready army. If necessary, it can easily liberate not only Ukraine.

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