May 30, 2023

He Village Device Operations Committee held its first meeting this Friday to make balance of the first hours of this special device and finalize the planning of the next days. Normality and the absence of notable incidents have marked the first hours of the device, activated this Thursday and which will be in force until Tuesday the 30th when the last of the affiliates leaves the village of Almonte, according to reports by Emergencies 112, a service attached to the Ministry of the Presidency, Interior, Social Dialogue and Administrative Simplification of the Board.

Since the activation of the Romero Plan last Monday, 112 has coordinated a total of 150 incidents, 39 of them during yesterday afternoon and this past dawn. Health care (64), traffic incidents (29), citizen security cases (13), anomalies in basic services (10) and traffic accidents (8) are the types most required in this Romero Plan. The rest of the notices managed are due to fires, issues related to animals and requests for information on transit areas, naps, assistance points or basic supplies.

In the Operations Committee, those responsible for all the operations involved in the Romero 2023 Plan have reported on the actions carried out and shared all the information for the best organization and adaptation of the device to the needs posed by this edition.

The General Secretary of the Interior, Lourdes Fuster, led the meeting accompanied by the head of the Civil Protection service in Huelva, José Luis Leandro, the councilor-delegate of the Village of El Rocío, Macarena Robles, and a representative of the Hermandad Matriz .

Managed emergencies

During the last hours of Thursday and early Friday morning, in Caminos de Sevilla, the emergency services intervened in the fall of two women on horseback from the Triana brotherhood in the Quema rest area and in the Tornero area, both in Aznalcázar . The Villamanrique Advanced Command Post has also coordinated an accident report between a car and a tractor on the Vado del Quema de Aznalcázar bridge without injuries.

In Caminos de Cádiz, an epileptic seizure has only been managed for a pilgrim from the Jerez brotherhood in Cerro del Trigo, treated in the Palacio de Doñana health module and discharged.

In the Village, a pilgrim who fell from a car on El Tomillo street and another man after suffering a fall on Balluncos street in the field hospital have been treated.

Several requests for health care due to food poisoning, dizziness and syncope were also attended, which have not been more serious.

The health group of the Romero Plan has so far treated a total of 234 people through the services of the 061 Health Emergency Center, around 10 percent less than last year, and seven transfers have been made, four to hospitals in Seville and three to Huelva. 36 percent have been due to traumatic injuries, 10 percent cardiocirculatory, 12 percent digestive disorders and 7 percent dermatological.

The Civil Protection service has participated, in parallel, in 155 prompt aid actions, especially for allergic reactions, cuts and trauma. Civil Protection has intervened in another 21 referrals to health centers. A total of 13 Civil Protection volunteer groups from the province of Huelva collaborate with the emergency services in Plan Aldea with the deployment of 72 people and almost thirty vehicles, including quads and SUVs.

The National Police Unit Attached to the Autonomous Community has carried out 25 inspections of the Environment, 3 reports of illegal camping and 5 reports of violation of traffic regulations and verification, respectively. In the same way, 4 consumer inspections have been carried out, drawing up as many minutes and inspecting four premises. Regarding other actions, 62 people have been identified, assistance has been provided to a person, 70 informative reports have been carried out, and up to 68 vehicles have been controlled. On the other hand, this unit has carried out two inspections and two animal protection acts.

The veterinarian responsible for the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development has reported that yesterday the service was activated for a dead horse and three other animals were removed over the weekend.

Arrival of affiliates to the Village

A total of 61 brotherhoods will enter El Rocío throughout today’s day under the supervision of the Village Plan, so there will be 114 brotherhoods that will sleep tonight in El Rocío. All the corporations are already on their way after today’s departure from Villamanrique de la Condesa, Brussels, Toledo, Sabadell, San Sebastián de los Reyes and Madrid.

As of 6:00 p.m. today, the traditional presentation of subsidiaries begins before the Matrix Brotherhood. Linares will be the first to do so and the rest will be presented in stages.

For tomorrow, Saturday, the crossing through the accesses to the village of the last subsidiaries, a total of thirteen, which make a pilgrimage to El Rocío, is planned so that all the corporations from Rocío will have already reached their destination waiting for the big day of the pilgrimage .

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