May 30, 2023
Figure skater Roman Kostomarov.

Figure skater Roman Kostomarov.

Photo: Daniel OPARIN

Wheelchair fencing world champion Roman Fedyaev commented on the tragedy with Roman Kostomarov. According to the athlete, the skater “paid for his actions at a serious price.” This statement caused a huge scandal. The Russians objected to Fedyaev. The famous Alexander Zhulin and Irina Rodnina could not remain silent either.

“Every action has consequences. If you’re sick, stay out of the cold water. He paid a heavy price for his actions. No one forced him to plunge into the hole“, – said Roman Fedyaev.

However, earlier the father Roman Kostomarova denied the information that the skater dived into the hole before hospitalization.

According to the world champion, Roman will face difficult trials ahead. “His story does not cause much sympathy for me, I myself have been on a prosthesis for ten years … I know how easy and calm it is to live with prostheses. The first two or three years are hell to endure. It will be very painful. But if you endure all this, then the problems will go away, the skin and blood vessels will be rebuilt, life will become good. Because life even on the worst prosthesis is much more interesting than on the best crutches,” I quote him.

Fedyaev was an eight-time fencing champion of Kazakhstan. The athlete flew off the track into a ravine so as not to knock down a child. After an unsuccessful fall, he was left without a leg. “I had a good skiing in Kazakhstan! I was going down a professional track at high speed, and a child appeared around the corner. I didn’t crash into him and flew into a ravine. There I met with some fire hydrants, my leg was simply torn off,” shared a member Russian Paralympic Team.

His words about Roman Kostomarov caused controversy among Russians. Someone considered them too cruel, someone decided that they should cheer up Kostomarov, whose psychological state leaves much to be desired. They say the skater is depressed and cannot accept the current situation. “Roman struggles to pull himself out of apathybut most of the time it just pisses him off. At the same time, the famous athlete will remain in Kommunarka until autumn, a rehabilitation schedule has been planned, the skater will have to restore internal organs and psychological health,” an informed source said earlier.

Meanwhile Alexander Zhulin could not help but react to scandalous statements. “I don’t know why people, not knowing the real situation, allow themselves such statements. This is beyond my understanding,” the honored coach of Russia quotes Metaratings.

In its turn, Irina Rodnina noted that no one is immune from anything. “We have tens of thousands of people sick with pneumonia and covid. Before hospitalization, Roman was doing his job, as a professional athlete and artist, they performed,” said the three-time Olympic champion.

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