May 30, 2023

Danila Kozlovsky, accused of betraying Russia, announced in mid-May that he had gone on vacation until the end of 2023. The actor flew to Istanbul. However, the other day he suddenly returned to his homeland.

Danila Kozlovsky the last few months has been living like on a powder keg. It all started with the fact that in February 2023 the artist flew to America. The public decided that the actor decided to settle overseasand continue to earn money in Russia.

Activist Vitaly Borodin then even wrote a statement to the Prosecutor General’s Office against the artist. He asked to check the artist under an article about discrediting the Russian armyaccused the actor of “betraying the Motherland” and announced that he had left the country.

In April, Danila returned to Russia, but the performances with the participation of Kozlovsky at the St. Petersburg Maly Drama Theater were canceled. Left without a job, he flew to Istanbul, writes “I have decided to go on vacation until the end of 2023, due to personal circumstances,” the artist explained.

And now it became known that Kozlovsky returned to St. Petersburg. The actor did not say the reasons for the sudden arrival at home.

Recall scandal with Kozlovsky thundered a month ago. He reacted sharply to accusations of betrayal: “Mr. Borodin claims that I lost my funds in the United States and came to work in Russia. It’s very nice that he follows my income so closely. I hope, no less closely than his own. : I have no income other than Russian. I didn’t dump anywhere, I live and work in Russia. Here is my land, my homeland, which I love very much. For 16 years, every month I have been on the stage of the Maly Drama Theater and the Theater of Europe. I consider it important for myself in a difficult moment to be here, with my audience, whom I love very much. Peace to all of us soon.”

He also explained why he went to the US. “I have a child in Americawhom I want to see and participate in his life, like any normal, loving father. The fact that I left for the United States for several days between performances does not give grounds to say that I “escaped” from Russia,” the celebrity emphasized.

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