May 30, 2023
The daughter of Alexei Batalov, Maria, is afraid of Natalya Drozhzhina, who remained at large

The daughter of Alexei Batalov, Maria, is afraid of Natalya Drozhzhina, who remained at large


All three are accused of fraud with the property of the family of Alexei Batalov.

As a result, Judge Olga Bagrova sentenced 76-year-old Mikhail Tsivin and 53-year-old notary Dmitry Bubliy to imprisonment for 5 years in a penal colony. Tsivin’s wife, 74-year-old actress Natalya Drozhzhina, was given 4 years probation.

Hearing that Drozhzhina received a suspended sentence, Maria Batalova, who suffered from her, burst into tears right in the courtroom. Not out of pity. The sentence against Drozhzhina seemed too lenient to her. The 74-year-old actress is at large. And according to Mary, it poses a danger to her.

After the meeting

Maria gave a comment (through her representatives, she cannot speak because of cerebral palsy). She is satisfied with the guilty verdict, glad that her offenders were found guilty (this story has been dragging on for almost three years). But in relation to the elderly and not very healthy Drozhzhina, the court made, in her opinion, a mild decision.

Maria would like Drozhzhina to receive a real sentence as well. Through her lawyers, she will appeal the verdict.

It seems strange to think that an elderly and not very healthy actress can be dangerous. But Natalya Georgievna throughout this criminal saga behaved very confidently, if not arrogantly. Even when she was exposed to a real term for fraud with the apartments of Maria Batalova, she continued to take money from tenants for them, confident in her own impunity. Assigned 480 thousand, already when the apartments were not even formally hers.

“Masha is afraid that Drozhzhina can take revenge on her when she is free,” explained the widow of Alexei Batalov, Gitana Arkadyevna Leontenko. We are afraid of her. Even in the dock, Drozhzhina continued to collect rent for apartments stolen from us. She is not afraid of anything. In court, she lied, and she was not ashamed. She should be afraid…

Now the Batalovs are receiving rent for apartments. But neither Drozhzhina nor Tsivin returned the money that was withdrawn from their accounts. And this is about 28 million rubles. Where this money went is unknown. The bailiffs can’t find them.

Therefore, most likely, Tsivin’s real estate will go from auction to pay off the multimillion-dollar debt. Probably two of his one-room apartments on Kutuzovsky Prospekt and Maslovka will be sold. The apartments have already been seized.

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