June 1, 2023

“Foul Play” by Miranda. The Socialist Party filed a complaint against the PP before the Zone Electoral Board and demanded the withdrawal of the electoral propaganda in which, according to Francisco Baluffo, organization secretary of the Socialist Party in the capital, “they used the achievements and image of two public institutions such as the Junta de Andalucía and the Port of Huelva to make electoral propaganda, bringing traps to a campaign that should be clean by the good of all citizens

The socialist has reported that finally the Provincial Electoral Board has resolved to urge the People’s Party of Andalusia to suspend the sending of the electoral publicity denounced, as well as not to carry out new acts of electoral propaganda using the condition of president of the Junta de Andalucía of Mr. Moreno Bonilla.

“Once again we find a Miranda who makes tortious use of the institutions and portrays herself doing a dirty campaign. We do not demand more than respect for the institutions and the Andalusians, who deserve governments that look out for the people, that respond to their needs and concerns, and not stubborn in serving only the interests of their political acronyms”.

The “disastrous image” of Miranda in the City Hall

In addition, Baluffo has accused the candidate of the Popular Party, Pilar Miranda, of “strangely hiding her person to escape the disastrous image she had in the City Council with 20 years of economic ruin, the collapse of companies and not paying the agreements to the social groups”.

The Secretary of Organization has also echoed the rain of complaints filed against the PP for an alleged manipulation and purchase of votes in various towns in the province such as Villalba del Alcor, Valverde, Paterna or the capital. Baluffo has demanded explanations from Pilar Mirada for “having publicly offered to process the vote by mail for citizens, something that, as she knows or should know, is illegal.”

“We cannot allow this campaign, which should be an opportunity for citizens to reflect and study the proposals brought by the different parties in a conscious and respectful way, to be stained in this way by the Popular Party, making cheating its modus operandi. These actions only show his nervousness” ended Baluffo.

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