June 1, 2023

The general secretary of the Socialists (PSOE) of Huelva and candidate for Mayor of San Bartolomé de la Torre, Maria Eugenia Limonhas participated today with the mayor and candidate in Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, in the traditional act that each campaign closing is held in La Orden, next to the Los Desniveles social center. “We have carried out a positive campaign, without cheating, transparent” and in which “we have defended – said Limón – the projects that the towns need to continue advancing.” Cruz has indicated that his commitment is “with Huelva and the citizens” and has been convinced that he will govern again in the capital after this Sunday, May 28. In the act, in which the members of the list of the capital and other mayors and socialist public officials have been, the general secretary has thanked all the candidates for their work, an “unstoppable team of men and women who have left the skin during these 15 days and that they have presented the best projects that this province needs to continue advancing and to continue turning each town into a benchmark in the province. Likewise, he has highlighted the repeat candidates who have demonstrated their “experience and dedication”, since “they left their skin during these four years in which we have suffered the worst health and economic crisis”, since “they have been working for their neighbors, defending their safety and well-being at all times”, while “the PP of Juanma Moreno and the Junta de Andalucía have forgotten the towns and their neighbors”. In the same way, «to the new candidates who come, with all that enthusiasm, strength and with all the desire in the world, tell you that they are candidates who live and coexist in their towns. They are not ghost lists like the Popular Party has, in which some do not even know where Arroyomolinos de León is. For this reason, I am enormously proud to represent this team of men and women who are going to give their all from here to Sunday, in this final stretch, to continue dyeing our province red, “she stressed. Along these lines, Limón has indicated that the objective “for Sunday” is “mobilization”, because it is “very important to mobilize the residents and the PSOE candidates in this final sprint” and has asked for the vote “because, if The PSOE wins, the young win, the elderly win, small and medium-sized companies win, we all win.

PSOE, the people’s party

As María Eugenia Limón has stressed, «the Socialist Party is the party of the people and of the peoples, while the Popular Party is a party that leaves people, health, education, dependency, small and medium-sized companies and employment in the province,” he said. Referring to Gabriel Cruz, she has defined him as “the best candidate. He has left his skin during these eight years and he will continue to do so from next May 28 ». Cruz has been a mayor “who has surrounded himself with an insurmountable, unstoppable team of men and women. A mayor who can look high and wide and look the small and medium-sized businessmen of Huelva in the eye. A mayor who found a city indebted by those two gentlemen who represent the Popular Party today. A mayor who pays less than 21 days. That is what the city of Huelva needs, to continue growing, because if the city advances, so will our towns and the province”, he remarked. Cruz (PSOE) began his speech by stating that “the expected moment always arrived with great intensity -in reference to the end of the campaign-, not because of fatigue, far from it, the other way around, during all this time one is charging and going renewing that illusion, that ambition and that desire ». The mayor and candidate has expressed himself like this: “When I look back, I see many smiles, those of confidence, conviction and the certainty that we are going to govern the city of Huelva for the next four years. We are going to do it with the same enthusiasm and with the same dedication and commitment; and we are going to give ourselves body and soul to our city and to the citizens”. In this regard, he has stressed that his commitment is “with Huelva and the citizens”, for this reason, he has assured that what “it is their turn” in these last hours is “to smile, keep intact that illusion and that strength, look to the future, because when you look forward there are only opportunities, progress and happiness. Gabriel Cruz (PSOE) has assured that both he and his team are “eager” to “be able to undertake this task and fulfill our responsibility and our commitment surrounded by an unbeatable team, with capacity, competence, dedication, proud of Huelva, lovers from Huelva, passion for Huelva. «I have felt very accompanied, not only by my party and by my team, but by Huelva society. In fact, -he stressed- there are representatives of associations, of groups, who are here at this very special moment for us ». Finally, he said that he and his team “we are looking forward to starting the new period, the new term in the City Council and we are looking forward to continuing on the path of progress, growth and development, in addition to taking advantage of the opportunities offered by a A city like Huelva, which is at its best moment, I can’t remember a better moment for Huelva».

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