May 30, 2023

The four parking bags enabled in the village of Dew They are at the beginning of the day on Friday, May 26 at 20% of its capacity, as reported at the meeting of the Village Plan. The four car parks have a total of 17,003 spaces, of which there are a total of 13,890 free spaces.

Thus, P1, with a capacity for 4,724 vehicles, has 1,000 seats occupied. At the start of the day, P2 houses 989 vehicles out of a total of 4,724 available spaces. The P3 with capacity for 2,597 cars, has 520 seats occupied; and P4 has 604 of the 4,024 available places occupied.

Likewise, the municipal services have reported that both water consumption and wastewater have been significantly reduced compared to last year, as well as garbage collection, which has dropped by almost half, going from the 92,500 kilos that were collected. they had collected on Friday in 2022, at 44,300 this year. The water used for irrigation has also been reduced by more than half, the work of which is being carried out to maintain the degree of humidity in the streets. Finally, with regard to vehicle passes, to date a total of 8,087 have been issued.

The councilor of El Rocío, Macarena Robles, has expressed her satisfaction with the “normality and tranquility with which the Pilgrimage is being carried out and how well the proclamation issued by the City Council of To the mountain”. In this sense, the Local Police of Almonte has also valued the good reception that the municipal noise ordinances are having during the Pilgrimage.

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