May 30, 2023
The seller claims that he got Shatunov's boarding pass from his sister-stewardess.

The seller claims that he got Shatunov’s boarding pass from his sister-stewardess.

Photo: Evgeniya GUSEVA

In Yekaterinburg, Yuri Shatunov’s boarding pass for the plane was unexpectedly put up for sale. The starting price is 90 thousand rubles. The singer died in June last year, so his things are becoming more expensive before our eyes. But on the Internet flea markets you will not find such a thing! Stellar little things there scatter like hot cakes. There are autographs, and even tin cans from which the artists drank … Komsomolskaya Pravda found out how the personal belongings of famous people get there, as well as who buys them and why.

Bargaining is appropriate

“Celebrity things, autographs” is the name of a section on one of the online classifieds services. In it, Yuri Shatunov’s boarding pass is also quietly sold. Only the price has already soared up to 100 thousand rubles. I call and immediately ask: “Is the bargaining appropriate?”

– The ticket is not mine, I’m helping my sister sell it. In the first days, as he put it up, they called, they wanted to buy for 70 thousand, but she refused. How much do you want? – the seller is interested.

– Maybe at least up to 50 thousand throw off?

She won’t agree. My sister is now in a difficult situation, her child is ill, she needs money for the operation, – the man sighs.

Photo: © Avito

At the same time, he assures that the ticket is genuine. Like, my sister works as a flight attendant, and Shatunov flew on her plane. By the way, the ticket was issued for the flight Moscow – Kazan on January 16, 2022. The very next day, the singer’s concert took place in Kazan – one of the last. So the thing can really be genuine. The seller says that her sister also has a boarding pass for Sergei Zhukov from Hands Up!, but she is in no hurry to sell the rarity. As for our attempt at bargaining, a couple of minutes after the conversation, the correspondent received a message: “My sister is ready to drop the price to 70 thousand rubles.”

In a word, the laws on this Internet flea market are the same as on a regular one. And since the rules are the same, it means that there are scammers. Something more strange flaunts next to the announcement about Shatunov’s ticket: “The spoon that Buzova ate in the restaurant.”

Photo: © Avito

The picture shows a regular spoon. Price – 999 rubles. I’m calling with a touching story about a gift for a friend who is a fan of Olga Buzova. There is a pause on the other end of the line.

– Girl, I’m sorry, it was just a joke, – the seller laughs.

That's miracles!  Everything that Buzova touches is growing in price!  Fairy and...

That’s miracles! Everything that Buzova touches is growing in price! Fairy and…

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

The can from which Kirkorov drank

In many ads, they do not try to hide that they are kidding. The most ridiculous are those where they try to sell the “money of the star.” “Nikolai Baskov himself used these hundred rubles!”, “Olga Buzova held this thousand in her hands!” – say the proposals.

Oh, in vain we threw out a sandwich that Philip did not finish when he was visiting Komsomolskaya Pravda.  Would get rich!

Oh, in vain we threw out a sandwich that Philip did not finish when he was visiting Komsomolskaya Pravda. Would get rich!

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

So the magic touch of Buzova from a modest thousand rubles makes 1499 rubles. It is for this price that they sell a bill. True, Komsomolskaya Pravda failed to get through to the seller on any of these money offers. But not only buyers in this celebrity market are trying to cheat, the sellers themselves are unlucky. A young man complained about this, trying to sell an empty can of energy drink, from which Philip Kirkorov allegedly drank. Price – 1000 rubles.

The bank from which Kirkorov allegedly drank.  Photo: © Avito

The bank from which Kirkorov allegedly drank. Photo: © Avito

“I will give it to good hands,” is signed at the end of the announcement, although it is not about a kitten.

– I once walked in Moscow, and then several people come out of the institution, including Kirkorov, his guards, and someone else. Kirkorov himself goes, drinks an energy drink, finishes his drink and throws the can into the trash. I ran after her like crazy. I took it and have been keeping it for two or three months now, I decided to sell it, – the seller of an unusual find shared with Komsomolskaya Pravda.

– Wishing a lot?

– Yes, they want to breed more! They ask me to send it to them first, and then they will pay the money. Some simply do not believe that Kirkorov drank from it, the young man replies sadly.

And here is another interesting lot – “a rare photo of Olga Buzova.” Price – 500 rubles. Only there is a catch: the diva really loves to post her own photos on the Internet. On her pages in social networks there are ten such “rare” photos a day. What is the uniqueness of this?

– At one time I had many acquaintances of photographers, journalists who gave me their archives. This photo is from the time of Olga’s participation in Dom-2, because she is on it with Roman Gritsenko. They came to St. Petersburg together, and they were photographed near the Hermitage, – says a nice saleswoman.

– If your friends are journalists, how can a photo be unique? It must have been published somewhere?

– The film is no longer there, on which they were filming, and the printed photograph is the only one left, – the girl confusingly explains.

Peresild’s autograph costs more than Pugacheva

There are not so many such unusual exhibits on the clothing star market. But autographs darkness. It seems that you can get anyone. So, we see the announcement “Autographs of stars, celebrities. Russian actresses. Price from 500 rubles per piece. Below is a list of several dozen names – from Leah Akhedzhakova to Ekaterina Varnava.

– The price of actresses from your list (we asked for autographs of Oksana Akinshina, Leah Akhedzhakova, Ekaterina Varnava and Yulia Peresild. – Ed.) – 3,000 rubles each, – the seller was taken aback.

– Is there anyone cheaper?

– There are many who pay 500 rubles. For example, Anna Yakunina, Olesya Zheleznyak, Evelina Bledans…

– On what basis are prices formed? Based on the “star”?

– Not only. Lots of factors. For example, a new film or TV series has been released, then many people want an autograph of someone from the cast. Or, let’s say a person dies. The price of an autograph, of course, will rise.

So between Akinshina, who has recently often sparkled on the screens, and the less famous actress Olesya Zheleznyak, a “gap” of 2.5 thousand rubles has formed. It is not difficult to track the pattern that the seller spoke about. Now the Internet flea market is filled with autographs of the musicians of the King and the Jester, a series about which was released not so long ago. Prices immediately rose: Mikhail Gorshenev’s painting on a ticket from a 2003 concert is sold for 35,000 rubles. Against this background, 3000 for Barnabas seem like a penny.

For comparison: prices for Alla Pugacheva’s autograph start from 3.5 thousand rubles, Grigory Leps – from 1.5 thousand rubles, Viktor Tsoi – from 4.5 thousand rubles, Valery Leontiev – from 1 thousand rubles. Obviously, buying and reselling such things, you can make good money, but who needs them?

– Interested mainly by fans or collectors. Some buy for a gift, some for themselves. It is important here that it is like an investment: when the artist re-releases something very popular or, unfortunately, dies, the price will immediately skyrocket. It will be possible to earn, – one of the sellers explains.

Under almost every such ad, it says: “In a couple of years, sell twice as much.” It seems that this whole market is designed not for fans eager to brag to their friends, but for those who want to replenish their wallet.


“It is important to prove authenticity”

The seller claims that he got Shatunov’s boarding pass from his sister-stewardess.

– Autographs are in demand among collectors. Some of them are very expensive. For example, signatures of astronauts. The most expensive is Yuri Gagarin, although he was prolific for autographs, but this did not reduce their value. Price – from 15 thousand rubles, – says the President of the Union of Collectors of Russia Valery Arkhipov. – The first criterion from which the cost is formed is what the person signed. For example, in the case of Gagarin, an ordinary photograph can cost 10 thousand rubles, and if an autograph is made on a thing related to space, the cost can reach up to 25 thousand rubles.

The second criterion is the age of the autograph. The older he is, the more expensive. If we take, for example, politicians, then the autographs of Lenin, Stalin and Dzerzhinsky are expensive. Collectors are also chasing after the signatures of foreign authorities. The murals of contemporary politicians do not have such a value, but, perhaps, they will rise later.

Affects the price and death of the signed person. It’s like with painting. The artist died – the paintings begin to rise in price. There is no man – he will not create them anymore, which means that there are a limited number of them in the world.

The history of the thing of a famous person is also important, which makes it possible to prove its authenticity. I had a vase given to one of the astronauts. When selling, I would have to prove that it was really his, but I also had a photograph where he is sitting with his family, and this vase is on the shelf next to it … Therefore, it is better to attach a photograph to the autograph, where the person signs. There is a large market for fakes, the signature of the same Gagarin is forged very often. Without a specialist or a photo, authenticity cannot be determined.

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