June 1, 2023

The candidate of People’s Party to the mayor of Huelva, Pilar Mirandaaccompanied by some members of her candidacy, wanted to close the electoral campaign by making a call for useful vote“in order to make the change that Huelva needs a reality with the continuation in the city of the urban, economic, social and cultural transformation that began in the Port”.

In this sense, the candidate has affirmed that in order to make this roadmap a reality, Huelva needs a City Council that manages effectively, “and that is brave to promote projects that generate employment such as the Levante Dock, the Logistics Activities Zone or the production of clean energy such as Green Hydrogen”.

To achieve this, the popular has ensured that it has a team of solvency, leadership, management capacity and the enthusiasm to do things with criteria, with planning, “which will always bet on the impulse that will make progress to Huelva”. “Because we have a historic opportunity before us,” Miranda continued, “and this coming Sunday we must choose the option of doing things well, since only in this way, with an immense capacity for work and a lot of energy and enthusiasm, we will be able to dream of a better future for Huelva”.

For the candidate, the change that Juanma Moreno initiated, “is unstoppable everywhere, since in Andalusia we have not stopped advancing, growing, and that is what we want, the same for Huelva, because the project we have for our city He looks to the future and wants the people of Huelva to be proud again, since, above all, Huelva has incredible potential”.

miranda He also wanted to remember that his candidacy is the only one that represents the unbeatable alliance that is the union of the Port, the Junta de Andalucía and the City Council, “and we think that it is time to leave conformism behind and start working on a city project that leads Huelva to be a benchmark in Andalusia, because we have been stagnant for too long, with the perception of not going anywhere, Huelva is asleep and this Sunday we have to wake her up, together”.

Finally, Miranda once again stressed the need to put Huelva in its rightful place, “it is what the people of Huelva deserve and it is what we will carry out from May 28, when, with the support Of all Huelva people, I became the first mayoress of Huelva”. “Because we have a roadmap for Huelva, we have a perfectly designed project that goes through making Huelva a benchmark, through recovering the pride of being from Huelva, and through Huelva being able to compete on an equal footing with the rest of the Andalusian capitals”, it is finished.

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